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Don't ask for a spaceship. Ask to go to Mars.

+290% conversion rate

Growth was stagnating. Belka helped us understand our user's need and rethink our strategy as a SaaS.

Francesca Balestra

— Francesca Balestra
Product Owner, Dipendenti in Cloud

A new Design System and Homepage in just two weeks

Francesca Balestra

Great team, skilled and professional. They are fast-paced, yet with an eye for detail. Super recommended!

Mirco Mattevi

— Mirco Mattevi
Head of Product, Scalapay

4 Million support requests saved

We faced a brutal user growth and our customer support wasn't able to keep up. In a week of design Belka solved our problem.

Profile picture of Daniele Ratti, CEO at Fatture in Cloud

— Daniele Ratti
CEO, Fatture in Cloud

2 Months from concept
to production

The level of quality and consistency in Belka's work is unmatched. From day one, we collaborated with their team as one, truly working together as if we were one company.

Profile picture of Marco Tricarico, CEO at Switcho

— Marco Tricarico
CEO, Switcho

Planning for a digital product?

(we don't actually bring people to Mars)

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We launched 50+ projects and we know the drill.

We can support your team in building mobile apps, web apps
and designing interfaces.

Take off

From your idea to a demo in few days.

  • It's like Design Sprint, if you are into that kind of things
  • We can test your idea with real people (instead of just the board of directors)
  • Understand if there is traction (or not)

Interface Design

From interviewing the people to drawing the interface. We're here for you.

  • Skilled designers (surprising, right?)
  • We designed and got results for B2B and B2C products
  • We don't forget your business goals. We know that "pretty" is not in your KPIs

Javascript development

We love React.js and React Native and Typescript.

  • The App Store has no secrets for us.
  • Design-friendly devs. We don't hate UX and we "get it"
  • We know how to speak a comprehensible language and not just software jargon
Design Workshop

Get to know your users and build better products

Using Design Sprint, User Research and Design Thinking we make a difference for your users and for your business goals. We also work in perfect harmony between designers and developers (most of the time).

Our process

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